Conflicts and decisions in family business

In the last years, there is a strong international focus in entrepreneurship and business success research on family businesses. These businesses were found to be very successful and resistant against economic crises. In the other hand conflicts are prominent characteristics of family businesses. Due to the specific constellation within a family relationship conflicts are more likely to escalate between family members than between individuals without blood ties. Hence, a specific dynamic of conflict could emerge and potentially destroy economic and metaeconimic values and endanger both family and business. This research project is embedded in the research program of the newly founded Research Institute for Family Business at the WU Vienna University of Business and Economics. Empirical studies using a large data base of Austrian family businesses and single case studies are carried out.

  • Funding: Research Institute of Family Business, Austrian Ministry of Economy
  • Duration: 2009-2011
  • Internal Associates: Christian Korunka
  • Cooperation Partners: WU Vienna University of Economy and Business