The collective construction of moods and well-being in work groups

There is an ongoing popularity of work groups in organizational research and practice. Issues addressed so far have, however, predominantly centered on cognitive processes and group performance. It is only recently, that affective experiences of work group members are seen as a defining aspect of group life. In line with the growing attention directed at emotions in the workplace, this project examines whether work group members converge in their moods and well-being. Moreover, the project seeks to  identify those characteristics of the work group and the supervisor that enhance convergence, such as group cohesion, leadership behavior or group communication climate. To address the research questions nurses and their supervisors were surveyed in fall 2008 and in spring 2010.

  • Funding: External funded research project
  • Duration: 2008-2010
  • P.I.: Christian Korunka
  • Cooperation partners: Dachverband Wiener Sozialeinrichtungen [Association of Social Organizations in Vienna]