Deeviya Francis Xavier, MPhil.

Universitätsstraße 7 (NIG)

1010 Vienna

Room: D0606

Research interests

Creativity and Self-Efficacy in Diverse Contexts at the Workplace, AI Adoption and Creative Autonomy at the Workplace.


Current Project: Cross-Cultural Dynamics of AI Adoption: Bridging Creative Autonomy and Enhanced Self-Efficacy.

This project embarks on an exploration of the nuanced dynamics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption in modern-day workplaces, aiming to foster both innovation and efficiency across global organizations. The journey unveils a double-edged narrative where AI, despite its promise of automating routine tasks and augmenting human capabilities, raises ethical and trust concerns due to its 'black box' nature. The interplay between AI and creative autonomy emerges as a critical domain, with AI having the potential to catalyze innovative thinking, yet also posing a risk of stifling creativity if perceived as rigid or overly intrusive on human decision-making.


The discourse extends to self-efficacy, a pivotal construct reflecting individuals' belief in their ability to meet challenges and achieve goals. The dynamics of self-efficacy are potentially impacted by AI adoption, with AI serving as either a catalyst for enhanced self-efficacy through empowering tools and real-time feedback, or a deterrent if employees feel overshadowed by AI technologies. The interrelation between AI adoption, creative autonomy, and self-efficacy presents a complex yet scientifically intriguing narrative that transcends organizational boundaries, engaging policymakers, technologists, and the broader society. As we delve deeper into the AI era, this project seeks to decipher the multi-faceted impacts of AI on work culture and individual psyche, illuminating the path towards harmonious AI integration and fostering a culture of creativity and self-empowerment in the digital landscape.



Curriculum Vitae

Deeviya is a researcher from Malaysia and has been advancing the scholarly pursuits of the Department of Work and Organizational Psychology under the esteemed mentorship of Univ.-Prof. Christian Korunka since February 2022. Additionally, she embraces the role of a lecturer for the Advanced Seminar on Work, Economy, and Society, nurturing the analytical and critical thinking of her students.

With a robust foundation in engineering, Deeviya acquired her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Chemical Engineering from the prestigious University of Nottingham, concluding her academic engineering journey in July 2017. Transitioning from a Research and Development Engineer at the globally acclaimed Austrian multinational, Semperit AG, to immersing herself in sociocultural psychology research at the University of Vienna, she exhibits a remarkable breadth of academic versatility and adaptability. 

Embarking on a journey to bridge technology and human behavior, Deeviya is now engaged in an AI-related project exploring the cross-cultural dynamics of AI adoption in workplaces. Her core motivation stems from a desire to enhance the effective integration of AI technologies, fostering creative autonomy and self-efficacy across diverse employment settings.