Bachelor's programme

The lecture "Labour, Organisational and Business Psychology" in the bachelor’s programme provides students with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with our area of activity. Among others, it provides an overview of the work and organisational psychology research area. The lecture deals with topics such as the analysis, evaluation and organisation of work, employee motivation, leadership and organisational development.

In addition, bachelor’s students have the opportunity to write their bachelor’s paper on topics relating to our research area. For further information on our events and current event dates, please visit the website of the StudiesServiceCenter or the Course Directory.

Master's programme

The research area of work and organisational psychology is currently part of the master’s programme specialisation: Work, Economy and Society. This specialisation focuses, among others, on the analysis and discussion of psychological processes, possibilities of intervention and prevention, and the evaluation of measures and changes in the context of work, education and economy. An overview of all courses of the master’s programme is available here.  

For further information on the master’s programme specialisation, please click here. 

Moreover, master’s students have the opportunity to write their master’s thesis on topics relating to our research area. We would like to allocate our resources for the supervision of master’s thesis as fairly as possible. Students therefore have to apply for the supervision of their master’s thesis. Did we spark your interest? Feel free to browse the Research section on our website.

Further information about how to apply for a Master's thesis and the mandatory literature for the final exam is available here.

Doctoral programme

You have the opportunity to complete a doctoral programme at the Faculty of Psychology. Doctoral candidates writing their thesis in the area of work and organisational psychology are usually employed at the University or within the framework of third-party-funded research projects. Doctoral theses take the form of theses by publication (collection of publications). For further information on admission to the doctoral programme and the doctorate procedure, please click here

Professor Christian Korunka is scientific head of the university continuing education and training programme “Psychotherapeutisches Propädeutikum” (general introductory course in psychotherapy). For further information, please click here.