Mag. Lars Uhlig

Universitätsstrasse 7 (NIG)

1010 Vienna, Austria

Room: D0616

T: +43-1-4277-47372

Research interests

Lars is interested in the special challenges and chances of flexible work. He focuses on the question of which cognitive processes are triggered by the special demands of flexible work, and how they affect interactions between work and family.

Curriculum Vitae

Lars has completed degree programmes in Psychology (diploma programme) and International Business Administration (B.Sc.). From February to July 2016, he worked as an academic staff member at the chair of business administration at the FernUniversität (distance teaching university) in Hagen, specialising in the fields of personnel management and organisation. Since March 2017, he has been a doctoral candidate and staff member of the project “Kognitive Anforderungen flexibler Arbeit” (cognitive demands for flexible work).

You can find further information at u:cris and u:find.